Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Hot Dog

I couldn't resist uploading this picture real quick. It is cold, rainy, sleety, snowy outside. This is Willie, who almost refuses to go out and even pee. He is sleeping between a 750 watt ceramic heater, an 11,000 BTU propane fireplace, and on top of a radiant rug heater! Even more cute is the fact that he somehow got one paw underneath a rug. That must be one hot dog.

and, btw, that rug heater that we bought is awesome! It is the RugBuddy. As a 2x7.5 runner it fits perfectly on most of our floor right down the centerline of the boat. Getting out of bed and stepping on warm rug instead of on cold bilge radiating floor is the best thing ever. I think we might have blogged about this thing before but I'm so happy with it I wanted to post again. It is also water resistant and we got some bathmats from IKEA that we put together to form a waterproof runner. Nobody can ever tell they are bathmats.


  1. So cute! Thanks you guys... so glad you're ALL enjoying the RugBuddy! lol

  2. Speedheat - we'd love to hear how you stumbled across our blog!

    Justin is very amusing with the heater - whenever I turn it off he acts absolutely appalled that I would even consider it! I think it may be his favorite thing ever.

  3. Actually, I believe one of previous customers told us that they ran across your blog somewhere along the way! It's such a neat thing you are doing, and we're glad to be able to help out along the way! :-D