Monday, December 14, 2009

end of an era

The semester is almost over. The last few weeks have been killer in the amount of reading and writing I've had to do. But the silver lining is that this is the last week of class... ever! At least as far as my master's degree is concerned, that is. I may or may not do a PhD. I'm leaning away from it (grad school is so expensive and financially, the payoff for an archaeology doctorate is minimal- not to mention the extra years of unproductivity as grad school draws further on). Though, I would still love to have my PhD, so one never knows... Anyhow, I'm not quite in the clear with my master's yet. I still have to write a thesis and that will take about a year to complete. Nonetheless, I'm thrilled to be done with the class aspect of this degree. Things are working out, slowly but surely. This graduate program was one of the main reasons Jenny and I moved out to Boston nearly 3 years ago. We also knew we wanted to liveaboard. So, as a whole, things are working out rather well. Grad school is taking a while, but we are living a nice life in the meantime, happily married, on a boat we love, so I'm in no hurry. Nonetheless, the end of an era is a good feeling.


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  1. As someone who earned her PhD, and took the academic job, cruising sounds more fun. I loved my job, but love travel more.

    - Livia