Sunday, February 1, 2009

Madrigal - Our 1978 Ericson 35 Mk-II

This is a post written just to give some information on our boat. From time to time I hope to update this post with new stuff that I find out and I will add a permanent link off to the right of the blog with our other links.

Our boat is a 1978 Ericson Mk-II designed by Bruce King as a variation on the original Alberg Ericson.

Much good information on this boat can be found here:

There is also a good article on the e35's in general here:

Length Overall

34’ 8"

Waterline Length

27’ 10"

Maximum Beam

10’ 0"

Maximum Draft

4’ 11"


11,600 lbs

Fuel Capacity

25 Gallons

Water Capacity

20 Gallons?

Bridge Clearance

48 ft.

Madrigal also has the original 30 hp Atomic 4 engine. Don Moyer may yet become my best friend :)

UPDATE 3/30/10:

Jenny has been trying to collect a few of the better pictures of our boat (like when it is actually clean!) She put them together in the above link. :)


  1. Hi there. Just came across your blog. We bought our 1976 E35mkII to Boston, from Baltimore, a bit over a year ago. She is on the hard at Boston Shipyard Marina at present. It would be great to have someone local to chat to about the boat & her renovation (I am coping with wet core in the deck at present). Drop me a line sometime.
    Rob Powell.

  2. Hi I just wanted to say I enjoyed reading your blog. I am curious, did you have more room on the power boat? What did you like about both boats?

    Have a great year and best wishes!


  3. Tom,

    We definitely had a lot more living space on the power boat. We do have more storage on the sailboat though.

    One of the best things about the Fitzcarraldo was that it simply got us onto the water. It also had a very nice walk-in shower which we don't have now.

    The list of my favorite things of Madrigal is incredibly long, but what tops it all is the peace and quiet it gives us when we turn off the engine and let the sails take over. There is nothing quite like it.

    I'm glad you enjoy reading our blog!

  4. Just found your blog and was wondering if you could tell me were you found the opening ports that I saw in the pictuers of your boat. I need to replace mine and would like the option of opening ports. Thanks. Please contact me at