Tuesday, January 27, 2009

floor pics

Well, here it is.

What could be cozier than that, a wood floor (lookalike anyhow), a cat, a dog, slippers, and a fireplace. :)

Here is our new floor already dirty with dog food and dirt.

Another cozy slippers shot.
And just one of the "in process" shots. I was weighting all the trim pieces down with anything I could find while the glue dried. I used 3M 4000 semi permanent glue to hold the trim in. beats putting lots of screw holes in my bulk heads and whatnot. Willie was very good about staying up on the settee while all the glue dried. Very good pup.


  1. So are you liking the Dickinson Newport Propane heater? I was iffy about it on my watkins 27, when it got in the teens I always felt cold. This year on my morgan 34 due to poverty lol Im useing a 10k watt kerosene heater and a fan to help move the floor air upwards to heat it better and am pretty satisfied with it except for my slowly growing dark ceiling (wipes right off but...) Next year Im thinking one of the newport diesels.. although a really sweet woodstove still has some appeal lol.

    best of luck


    hows the air head?

  2. deryk,

    didn't see your "how's the airhead" question until just now!

    anyway, we actually left the airhead with the old boat (the fitz) and our new friends/the new owners are using it. i think they're pretty happy with it.

    madrigal came with a new electric head (just needed to be installed) which has been working out rather well. i am pretty sure every head has its issues, but for the most part it has treated us well...just takes up quite a bit of battery life while flushing.