Thursday, January 1, 2009


Using some xmas present money we bought a microwave/convection oven! Being home over the holidays reminded us just how many conveniences we have given up over the couple years we've been aboard. In trying to make the boat more comfortable and homelike we decided that adding a convection/micro would do a good deal to make life a bit easier. That and I have an insatiable love of frozen pizzas that I have been unable to satiate in the last year. We put it below the stovetop, where the cruddy old norcold had been located. We are going to sell the norcold and eventually put a refridgeration kit in the icebox. In the meantime, we have an igloo minifridge sitting in the quarter berth and that works just fine.

We are doing a bit of a galley overhaul. I finally installed hot water a couple weeks ago. The electric range has temporarily been pulled out and replaced with the alcohol origo stovetop. The electric one will get re-installed behind the origo, which we will gimbal. That will give us 4 burners on top with electric option at shore and gimbaled alcohol option at sea! Soon I'll re-formica everything and finish out the area around the new oven and our galley will finally be the way we like it!

Happy New Year

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