Sunday, August 3, 2008

progress report (remember those from school? yuck)

Things have been going quite well with fixing up our Madrigal. Jenny has taken quite a few pictures and videos, but the internet has been pretty sketchy lately, so we'll get those up but not just yet.

The headliner is finally in the main cabin! That is by far the most exciting thing. For those who remember the pictures of Madrigal from when we purchased her, we've been living under bare fiberglass decks for a while now. But we are all finished out in the main salon and it's a wonderful thing. It finally feels like we are living in a real boat and not inside of a project boat.

We have working Navigation lights! Now we don't have to rush home with motors blazing to try to beat sunset.

Our real battery charger has been installed and wired properly. No more crappy loud home depot battery charger with alligator clamps!

Our friend Arvind helped re-rig our foresail and it works much better.

blah blah, etc etc. Bottom line is that we've been busy and maddy is looking nicer by the day and become more comfortable to live in.

Pictures soon!


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