Monday, August 11, 2008

peddocks cure

Peddocks island has been pretty instrumental in our life aboard. It is a really nifty island with a really nifty cove and generally when we go out to moor or anchor for a night we do so there. Jenny uploaded a couple quick videos of some stuff there. No editing or anything so they are just some quick jerky videos with poor sound, but they are still kinda fun.

This first one is a video of us walking down what was apparently the old "main drag" so to speak of the turn of the century town which was once located on the island. After all the houses were built the government stepped in and claimed the island as a state park and all the houses became abandoned (thanks uncle sam). Anyhow, it makes for a really cool ghost town. There is also an abandoned WWII prison camp there. We took some vid of the prison, but it isn't uploaded yet. We'll get to that eventually.

This second video is just of me putting Willie in the water for the first time ever (aside from falling in at the marina). He looks pretty funny swimming.


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