Sunday, May 18, 2008

a slight change of plans, for the better...

We've been two-boat owners for about a month now, but until now, this hasn't been quite so apparent. Madrigal was across town, where we couldn't see it, work on it, improve it.

We made the decision to have both boats at the marina for the month (which, for the record, is May 17th - June 16th...the 31 days we paid for).

Yesterday morning, we picked up the dinghy and Madrigal, and brought everything back here. We were able to park Madrigal directly next to the Fitzcarraldo, so we are able to go back and forth between the two boats very easily and readily, and have been doing so for about 24 hours now, since we brought her back.

Already we've made great improvements since we've had her here, and it looks as though it is going to be a very productive month.

I've been taking pictures along the way, so we will soon have a post with some new pictures. I have to admit, we've got Madrigal torn up inside because we're sanding down all the wood to refinish it, so it isn't looking to pretty, but the end result should be well worth it.

Anyway, back to sanding!


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