Thursday, August 23, 2007

random blog

We have started making new canvas "curtains" for all of our ports. Bought a cool new "snap" tool. I do the snaps, Jenny does the sewing. It works out.

Here is the cat looking more awake than usual in front of a new curtain.

And here is the cat look more asleep like normal, except with me.

In other news, we were planning on going out to the islands this weekend, but we also have an invite to go hiking at Mt. Washington. We will have to see how things pan out. Our friends Jason and Katie are coming to visit for next weekend (labor day) and we will likely get out and do some island cruising that weekend. Should be awesome, so look for an update then.

In the meantime, I should give our friends Walter and Jeff a plug for their new charter service. Go to to see about chartering their 50 foot yacht for a day or night out at the islands. They have just started this business and are very excited about it.

Thats all for now.


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