Thursday, August 16, 2007

massive post

Alright! Here is the "long awaited" post with some real pics. For an entire summer aboard, this is a pretty meager sampling, but well, it's all for now...

My parents and sister came to visit for the 4th of July festivities here in Boston.

My father:

My sister:
My mother (somehow the Harvard shirt doesn't really work with the wingnut hat...):

We went on a visit to Salem, MA that week as well as an overnighter on the Charles river for the fireworks. These two pics are of me driving to each place (in that order)

This is where we stayed in Salem at Hawthorne Cove Marina:

More of Hawthorne Cove . It was very quiet and nice:

Then, the river was the loud party fun part of the trip. Carl and Susan came to visit in their "sports car" version of a boat (aka 17 foot bow rider):

They brought the pug, Jack:

This guy drove his car through the river:


This is now pictures from last weekend. I got a new snorkel set!:

There was a rainbow:
At some point there were many seagulls behind a lobster boat...

Jenny and I went fishing at this lighthouse: caught nothing :(

and we got engaged at Peddocks was mentioned in a previous post:

This is the view as we departed Peddocks:

Happy couple:
and a nice Peddocks Sunset:

That is all for now!

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