Sunday, May 27, 2007


Well, I finally got around to posting some pictures!!

There are a lot of cormorants that hang around the marina. I got incredibly close to this one, and he didn't even move when I ran back inside to grab my camera.

There are always huge ships that dock near the marina. These were two battleships that stayed for a few days, and then were gone when we woke up bright and early.
The Jellyfish are everywhere...this isn't a very good picture of them at all, because usually it looks like there are more jellyfish than water.

Our boat!

Climbing out of the hatch...
Tada! I did it!

The living room. This is the built in couch, with the kitty sleeping on it.

The futon is on the other side of the room.

Our new spice racks that we are so proud of...

And the kitchen....also known as the galley.

This is one of the hatches that leads upstairs, but not the one I was climbing out of.
The bedroom.

THIS is the hatch I was climbing out of.

We took the boat out last night. Here's Justin driving.

Sunset, while we were out with the boat.

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