Saturday, April 30, 2011


Tomorrow we move back to Thayers Landing. We look forward to so many things. Quiet days, quiet evenings, quiet nights. The birds. Our own yard. Familiar places. The farm stand, the park, the library. A peaceful river in which we can sail, row or motor the dinghy as a little family. And this year we're not alone! Our friends, Jon and Kelli, along with their son Seth and their dog, will be following us to also live at Thayers. This is so exciting for us all. They are great people and great company.


There are things we will miss too. Justin's short commute to work. Friends. Sophie and Rosy. The conveniences of a large marina. The coffee shop nearby.

Sophie and Rosy on s/v Rubicon

But isn't that the beauty of the boat? We can always return, and most likely will. The things that drive us crazy at one marina end up being the things we miss the most after being away for six months, so while we're ready for some peace and quiet now, come fall we'll welcome the crowds, the city, and all those other things that we thought we'd never miss but somehow suddenly can't wait for again.

Ivy is looking forward to it.


  1. love the photo. Beautiful.
    So are you at a marina or anchored out? Any internet there?

  2. We do have the internet, and we are at a marina. It is quite small and we love it.

    Here is the post I wrote up last year about it, with a couple of pictures:

  3. Too bad we won't be at the same marina this summer. We have so many questions to ask people. Have a fun summer and see you in the fall (and hopefully before).