Thursday, October 14, 2010

Three Days Left

How could it be? How could we only have three days left at Thayer's Landing? Were we really here for six months?

Actually, the summer eeked by for me. Initially I was ecstatic that I wouldn't be in the third trimester of pregnancy during the summer, but in the end I have to wonder if that might have been easier to endure than the first trimester in the continual 90+ heatwaves that we encountered. The heat mixed with morning sickness made for a fairly miserable summer. Since I was working from the boat full-time, I wasn't able to escape into a nice air conditioned library. The boat was often 100 degrees, and it seemed as if breeze was never strong enough to reach me. Finally finally finally the heat let up and we have been having absolutely beautiful fall weather here. In fact, I can't remember a more spectacular fall season. This might be the best one ever.

Heat aside, it was a fantastic and absolutely unforgettable summer. We didn't get to see friends as often now, but we had each other and it was so nice to have that time together. I have started playing guitar again (except this time I'm actually halfway decent at it, unlike last time!), we have utilized the wonderful Tufts Library of Weymouth a lot, watched the entire series of Deadwood, worked on the boat, worked, and I even flew home to Michigan for over a week to be with my family. Oh, and we even found the time to go sailing a few times in there. Oh, and we made a baby too.

While it will be sad to say goodbye to this gem of a marina that we have found, it will also be nice to be back near our friends for the winter. In fact, I am actually looking forward to living in the city again! Weymouth has a lack of cozy coffee shops, but Charlestown has both Sorelle and Zume's and I am really looking forward to doing some indexing off the boat in the comfort of a cozy chair.

Well really, I could go on and on. It is always hard to say goodbye to a place that has treated us so well, but I'm sure that winter will treat us kindly and that we will enjoy the familiarity and familial aspect of Constitution Marina for yet another winter!

I'm sure the next I write, we will be all cozied up in our new winter spot. Hopefully our internet treats us kindly, whichever slip it may be!

**Note** I have tried and tried, but the internet is not working well enough to post pictures along with this update. I may very well sneak in and add pictures at a later date, but for now this is a pictureless entry. Sorry!

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