Tuesday, August 31, 2010


We haven't been doing much sailing lately. Blame the morning sickness, blame the full-time job that Justin acquired, blame anything you want...but we just haven't made it out much lately.

Obviously, it's made for a quiet blog as of late and I feel terrible. I am hoping that once winter kicks back up, I will be more inclined to update more often. We'll be transforming our two-person boat into a baby-friendly boat, and while I don't expect that we will be making a lot of changes to Madrigal, I'm sure we'll have things to update about. Also, it's just easier to update the blog when it's blustery outside and we're holed up in our little shrink wrap cave.

In the meantime, I am excited to say that we saw our little guppy via ultrasound, and all is well.

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