Sunday, June 6, 2010

Thunder, Lightning and Lots of Changes

Wow, lots of thunder and lightning here lately! Tornado warnings, even. Feels a lot like Michigan this spring/summer. I'm liking it a lot. Ok, I'm slightly nervous about the whole bit too, but even still it's been a nice change of pace from the normal Boston weather.

We've been improving Madrigal in lots of small ways lately - almost too quickly to blog about, but I'm trying to keep up.

Did we tell you that we installed the composting head (err, toilet) in Madrigal? We had bought it for the Fitzcarraldo but the new owners didn't want it and kept it for us. We've been using it since we moved to Thayer's Landing and it's working out well, thanks to the solar vent that Justin installed in the cabin top. Hooray solar power. That thing is a power horse.

The other bit we've been trying to put more focus on is safety. We're hoping to use the boat more this year and if we're going to be sailing more, the boat should be as safe as we can make her. Seamar sells affordable netting for the lifelines. We got the netting a good long while ago but couldn't put it up due to the big topsides paint job that was taking place. Well, Justin added the grip paint over the weekend (well, *our* weekend, which was Thursday or Friday) and so he then added the netting too. The grip paint is another vast improvement for Madrigal for safety, as we're not slipping around on deck when they're the slightest bit damp. It made a world of difference.

Anyhow, it's hard to keep spending money for these upgrades, but we're doing it as wisely as we know how. Maybe one of these days we'll go a good long stretch without buying something new for the boat. Until then, this boat just keeps getting fancier and fancier.


  1. I think I spent my work day today reading almost your entire blog! no kidding, start to finish. I've been pondering (obsessing) over the live aboard lifestyle for quite sometime now, and you guys have definitely re-ignited my already over the top interest in just doing it already! (I've got two years of grad school, unfortunately in land locked ohio to get through, and then it's on!) Thanks for the awesome posts- keep em coming!


  2. Chris, thanks so much. We certainly think so :)

    Sarah, I'm so excited that you found our blog, and more excited that you have one too! I'd love to hear more of your story about the desire to liveaboard. You and I sound like we'd get along just fine :) Feel free to e-mail me sometime - jenny dot halteman at gmail dot com

  3. Thanks Jenny! I'll be checking back regularly :)