Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Living Aboard Magazine (and website)

A lot of people who come to our blog are here because they are interested in living aboard (often in Boston) and are interested in the lifestyle.

A few years ago for Justin's birthday, I bought him a subscription to Living Aboard Magazine. This is a wonderful resource for anyone who is interested in living aboard or already lives aboard and is packed with useful information. I have never been more excited about advertisements in a magazine in my life - they are by far the most relevant ads I've ever come across!

They also have an amazing forum online, which has grown insane amounts since we first joined. This is also packed full of useful information and is set up in a very user friendly manner. The best part about it is that it really feels like a community of people, and we've gotten to meet quite a few people that we've talked to on there. I've never quite gotten that feel with any other forum before.

That being said, if you're interested in living aboard and are interested in talking to others who do it, visit the forums or subscribe to the magazine. You'll learn a ton and get to meet an awesome crowd of people.


  1. Hello Jenny and Justin,

    Seen you in the LA forum (I was a contributor to this year's May/June issue in the cooking Aboard Section by the way), and thought I'd visit your blog. We used to live at Marina Bay, but never met anyone who lived aboard. I'm surprised to learn that boaters keep going back to Constitution Marina for the winter. That is wonderful!

    We are wimps when it comes to the weather. We are still on our boat in Chattanooga, TN, but will be driving back to Florida next week. It's getting too cold:-(

  2. Hello!

    I somehow never saw your message until just now. As you can see (in one of our recent posts) we also wimped out and took a week long trip to the Virgin Islands to get away from the cold and snow!

    It's been a fun winter though, and we're more or less enjoying our bubble home in the shrink wrap.

  3. It's not as active but for information on gear and fixing your boat we love the forum at You don't have to be a member to participate/register for the forum.