Saturday, September 27, 2008


So, I've had a fair number of pictures sitting around on my phone. Often times, I just end up deleting them. This time, I figured I'd send them along and post them here for you all to see. Some are more worthwhile than others, but all are at least moderately fun.

This is Jenny at the helm on our trip back from Salem. It was blowing about 20kts with gusts to 30 or so. That is about the biggest wind we've been in so it was a little creepy for us, but all was fine and we had a really good time actually. Sadly, her eyes seem to be closed but we couldn't tell that til the picture was uploaded.

Jenny's parents were here for a bit and her dad decided to row her mom out into the harbor via the dinghy. While leaving on my way to work I spotted them under this bridge and snapped a quick pic. Can't see much but a white spot, but I like the picture anyhow.

Before the parade of lights started we discovered that Peter (the guy who's boat we were on) had a sombrero sitting around. Jenny modeled it for a photo.

This was just the other morning. I was walking Willie up on shore and it jumped out at me just how noticeable our bright yellow boat is. Can you find it?

On that same morning the fog laying across the city was just super thick so I snapped a picture of that. It always looks cool that way. I love fog.

Jenny got a hat to keep the sun off of her punkin little head while sailing. I got some sun glasses to keep the glare out of my eyes while sailing. We soon determined that Jenny should not wear both at the same time, and this picture is testament to that decision. :D

For those readers who aren't sailors, there is a way to sail called "wing and wing". This is when you are running directly with a light wind. This is exactly what we were doing on our way up to Salem a few weeks ago and it was the first time we had ever successfully done this maneuver. It is not the most efficient way to sail because the fact that you are moving with the wind takes away from the apparent wind, but it was exactly the direction we needed to go and it is darn fun to do. The picture shows the basic idea: foresail out to port and mainsail out to starboard (or vice verse) with the wind filling both.

that's all!


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