Friday, March 28, 2008

Another post that starts with a toilet picture.

But the good thing about this toilet picture is that it is the final installed version of our new Airhead! Woo hoo!
Ok. No more toilets.

On to Jenny's new hammock: Jenny's turn to type:
ohmygoodness I have been waiting for this for soooooooooo long!!! I love it. Boston Organics loves my food hammock.

In the meantime, we bought a sheet of formica, meant to cover the table. Justin and I spent our sweet little time making sure we cut the formica out nice and perfectly. We had to make a line in it then break the formica on the line. The cut went really well, but as soon as we went to break it, everything went horrendously. The corners broke off and everything self destructed. Luckily, we were not only able to salvage the piece to re-cover the fridge, but Justin was able to save what pieces were leftover to cover the table.

This is the only picture we have of the table (corner), finished. Pretty!

Justin speaking again: My sister came to visit! Can you tell she's my sis? Just a bit.

Both of us grew up on Calvin and Hobbes as pictured here:

And more recently, as pictured here on my sister's leg. Perhaps she is more of a hardy pirate than I am because I still haven't gotten a tattoo despite my great want of one.... I think I'm inspired though and mine is coming soon... (anchors away!)

While my sis (Angie) was here we also went to a cool bar in Cambridge called "River Gods". They have this sweet-o river goddess thingy made of sticks and brambles hanging from the ceiling.

We went to Marblehead to our friend Nicola's house for Easter. There was a nifty old wood boat being worked on down the street.

More pictures from Easter in Marblehead can be found at Noah's picasa web album.
Check them out...he took some great pictures.

And to wrap things up, just some fun pics of each of us while we were playing cards after the River Gods evening. :)

Thanks for visiting Angie!

-Justin and Jenny

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