Monday, February 25, 2008

Chews Wisely.

Jenny took this picture of Willie and it turned out so neat that we decided to post it (and a few others for the heck of it).

As winter meanders on Willie remains the center of attention here aboard the Fitz. We are rather enjoying his company. So far he is turning out to be a splendid dog. Not too big (yet). He is darn near potty trained now. He "chews wisely" and has yet to chew up anything which is not one of his own toys. All is well.

In the meantime, just felt like posting a few pics of the marina so all of the dirt dwellers can see what life aboard is like :)

our finger pier and wrap door:

Our neighbor's dinghy:

B-dock viewed from the harborwalk path:

Constitution Marina from the harborwalk:
And of course, Jenny with Willie:

and us with Willie:

Also, he is taking to the cold much better now. Doesn't mind being out for walks as long as it isn't frigid out. Still unsure of the snow though. He'd just assume avoid it for now.

that's all for now. Pizza Time!


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