Saturday, December 15, 2007

Old Man Winter

The first real snow finally fell last week! It was just barely a dusting, but at least it was snow.

Luckily, we had put the shrinkwrap up already and, as promised, here are some shrinkwrap pics. These first two are neato and they are of me with the blowtorch trying to tighten up the wrap the first evening after we had it on the boat.

A few pics of the finished product.

This one is just the smokestack for our little fireplace.

and then the full bologna.

It is a good thing we got the wrap up and tightened well because this past Thursday it snowed like all mad. It was awesome!

It was snowing so much and so fast that the snow landing in the very still marina waters was just turning to ice/slush and it looked pretty neat.

Not just neat, but very very pretty sometimes too.

In the meantime, some big Canadian destroyer came to visit. This was me trying to claim it as my own. They frown on that.

As a side note, our composting head is backordered 10 weeks :( Much to our dismay we will be improvising (and doing lots and lots of walking to the boathouse in the meantime). Ah well.


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