Sunday, October 21, 2007

recap of the months previous

After a wonderful summer on E dock, we moved in toward shore on B dock. It was a very bittersweet moment, but here we are, next to our winter neighbors. It feels good to have a new view of the city, but very sad because this marks the last time we'll take the boat out for the season (probably, anyway).

In light of the move, I wanted to post a review of the season in pictures, beginning with the winter boat show.

Justin carving the sign for the name of the boat. This was when we were still living on land.

We took quite a few trips out to the marina where the boat was docked, not knowing that this same marina is where we would be staying ourselves.

This was one of our first encounters with the lovely pug, Jack.

This is how the boat looked when we bought it....shrink wrapped with a plywood door.

We spent one of the last evenings of April on the was our first night aboard! That night, we cut holes in the top of the shrink wrap so we could stay up for awhile to see the amazing view of the city. In the morning, we woke up bright and early and took the rest of the shrink wrapping off, so we could start moving our things in.

A week or so later, our boat moved to its new slip - out on the end of E. The cormorants were spending a lot of time on the docks. I imagine the water was cold and they were warming up.

Sometimes, we got bored...

But that was before we started taking the boat out to the islands, Salem, up the river, etc.

And then we got engaged...(well, that night we did...)

Jack and Jess came over for taco night...mmm...tacos.

We went to Spectacle Island with my parents.

Somewhere along the way, the cat learned how to take pictures of herself...

Now, we are on B dock and getting used to having so many neighbors. The great thing is that a bunch of our neighbors have liveaboard dogs. Meet Salty:

The view from our new slip.

Now we just have to hope we can stay warm and dry this winter. Wish us luck!


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