Thursday, June 28, 2007

picture time!

Well, with our limited internet access we have an abundance of pictures to put up. This is just some of them, in no real particular order:

This big beast came to visit us a while back. It is the USS Nashville, an amphibious command center type of thing.

I finally caught a fish, but have yet to figure out what it really was.

Here is a close up.

They took the USS Constitution out and turned it around on a very rainy Bunker Hill Day.
Looks like an awesome ghost ship.

Nashville and Constitution both.

My friend Amy came to visit from New York. Her and Jenny and I hung out on memorial weekend/day.

Amy took a real pic of Jenny and I on the boat... not too many of these yet. Thanks Amy!

This boat, Canim, pulled into the marina for a couple days. It is so sweet because it looks just like the boat that Mr. Herzog pulled over the mountain in the movie "Fitzcarraldo".

Just a cool, rainy, choppy day on the water.

Me, hoping to catch some fish.Thats all for now!


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